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Augmented Reality is Transforming Space Technology | Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is embracing digital tools and processes to accelerate technology development for the space industry.

Lockheed Martin uses augmented reality (AR) to design, build and test products faster. In an increasingly competitive space industry, embracing these digital tools and processes enables greater speed and agility.

AR and other advanced visualization technologies is one of the core capabilities of Lockheed Martin’s mission-driven digital transformation. By blending the physical and digital worlds through interactive, 3D holographic representations, AR brings significant value in service of customer missions—from enhanced security to advanced space exploration.

We are applying AR to numerous processes and programs like the Orion spacecraft, GPS satellites, solar array manufacturing and many more. Some examples include:

By embracing AR capabilities, we are transforming our systems and processes to deliver for our customers. AR provides numerous benefits, such as: